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The History of Tractor Pulls


Truck and Tractor Pulling is a motorsports competition in which modified tractors and modified pickup trucks attempt to pull a weighted sled 300 ft.  The winner is the vehicle that pulls the sled the farthest.  It is commonly known today as the world’s most powerful motorsport and is popular in rural America as well as Europe.


Farmers began hitching field tractors to sleds in competition as early as 1929.  By 1950, many county fairs featured tractor pulls finding that the noise and smoke attracted spectators.  In the 1960’s, the weight transfer machines were invented with a moveable weight box linked by gears to move the box forward as the machine advances down the track.  At this time the tractors were divided into classes by weight.

Today, tractor and truck pulling has become a business all its own with heavily modified tractors and trucks and specially built machines that never see the farm field or the road.

The Great Pocomoke Fair event is sanctioned with the Lucas Oil Pro-Pulling League through East Coast Pullers, LLC.  East Coast Pullers was formed in 1999 and has approximately 150 competitors with the various classes of trucks, tractors, and semi-trucks.  Thirty events are held annually in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Virginia with many being held during county fairs or on county fair sites.

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